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Driven by a musical and rural family environment -flutes made from kiwi branches, an old piano with chipped keys and innumerable pans and cans...- Iñigo began to express, create and compose music with his siblings from a very young age.


This impulse led him to explore the world from an early age through music, living, adapting and assimilating the cultures of his native Basque Country, different parts of Spain, Canada and the USA.


Curiosity and respect for various musical traditions led him to study at prestigious institutions such as Berklee College of Music (B.M) and New England Conservatory (M.M).


His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to perform in Europe, North America and Latin America with his original music projects Surrogate Activities Nonet, MOVE, Urjauzia and Amalur.


Being a versatile musician with a capacity for empathy, he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with musicians such as Guillermo Klein, Donny McCaslin, Miguel Zenon, John McNeil, Ran Blake, Darcy James Argue, Carmen Lundy and is currently working on projects with musicians and artists like Ariel Bringuez, Reinier Elizarde "Negrón", MOVE (Borja Barrueta, Alberto Arteta, Javier Callén), Veronica Ferreiro, Sean Clapis, Roberto Nieva, Pepa Niebla, Rachel Therrien, Malwina Masternak, Javier Sanchez... etc.


His vocation for sharing experiences and knowledge lead him to teach masterclasses in Spain, the US and Latin America, and also to dedicate part of his time to teaching as a Piano Jazz professor at the Superior Conservatory of Navarra.


He currently resides in Madrid, and continues his search for meaning without respite, feeling gratitude for all the experiences he has lived, and for the people who accompany him on those trips.

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